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Savita bhabhi erotic story of bra salesman….


Bra Salesman – Bell ring ( ding dong )

Savita bhabhi – who is there?

Bra Salesman – WOW what a hot bhabhi.

                         Hello madam. I am sellling this new brand of bra. would you be intrested?

Savita bhabhi – No thanks.

Bra Salesman – Hmm,

How can I get some more time here?

Ok ma’am,

But please I get a glass of water?

Savita bhabhi – Ok.

Come in and wait a minute.

Bra Salesman – Wow,

Today’s my lucky day.

Savita bhabhi – come with water.

Bra Salesman – See big boobs of savita bhabhi, when drop water of salesman.

Please see this ma’am, this is perfact for you, please try this, this is very special for you ma’am.


Savita bhabhi – This is very small, it will never fit.

Bra Salesman – At least try it on madam. It is special elastic material.

Savita bhabhi – Uff ..

Ok, wiat here for a moment.

I am sure they will not fit.

Hey bhagwan ( god )

I don’t even wear a bra today.

No water that harami salesman was thirsty.

They have grown so much after marrige.

It will deffinatlly not fit.

Oh No!

Bra Salesman – Wow.

Savita bhabhi – Oh no! what do I do?

should I slam the door or just or jut pretent I can’t see him?

Hmmm, Maybe I should just lrt him watch. It’s been so long that anyone has anyhow. what harm can it do?

Him watching me has made my nipples so hard.

It wish it was his tounge rather than my finger.


That would make these even harder.

Bra Salesman – Ummm…

Savita bhabhi – Boy, Look at that harami enjoying the show.

Bra Salesman –   Damn.

What is this lady upto?

Savita bhabhi – Savita dear, you really know how to tease these guys.

But I know what will reallyexcite him.


Oh gosh,

I am so wet already.

Ahhh … Yes.

I need something bigger than this.

And I know exactly how to get that!

Suno ( listen ), can you help me with something please.

Bra Salesman –   Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… God!

Any problem madam?

Savita bhabhi – The hook is stuck, it’s so tight.

Please hurry up ji,

It’s hurting me…


Bra Salesman –   Ok madam.

I will go check If have another piece.

Savita bhabhi – Where do you think you’re going?

What are you just standing there for?

Measure it and get the proper size next time.

What are you doing?

I just told you to…

please don’t press my boobs!

Bra Salesman –   Sorry madam,

I just can’t stop myself.

Savita bhabhi – Ohhh!

He’s making my nipples so wet.

Please stop!

My husband will be home soon…

Please be gentle.


I can feel something hard down there.

Can I play with that please?

Bra Salesman –  Of course madam, it’s ready and waiting.

Savita bhabhi – Oh God, I can’t wait to take this in me.

It’s to big.

Bra Salesman –   To lick my big dick


Savita bhabhi – Umm.

It’s salty, so tasty.


My pussy is so wet. Please do it na!

Bra Salesman –  Sure mada ji,

Anything to satisfy a customer.

Savita bhabhi – Oh!

Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me…

Press them harder, I am going to cum!

Bra Salesman –   Fuck in where is really enjoying herself.

Wait for me.

Savita bhabhi – I wanna cum too.

No, No, please don’t cum inside me.


I’m coming to!!!


Savita bhabhi –  So mister, now when are you coming back with the right sized bra!!!




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